Typewriter teaser: Sujoy Ghosh’s Netflix series looks eerie

Typewriter teaser purab kohli Typewriter teaser purab kohli Typewriter teaser: Purab Kohli starrer streams on Netflix from July 19. 

Netflix on Wednesday released the teaser of their upcoming series Typewriter. The short clip is promising enough to make you look forward to the mystery thriller. It is directed by Sujoy Ghosh who has mastered the genre of thrillers with films like Kahaani, Badla and Ahalya.

In the short clip, Purab Kohli as a police inspector investigates three deaths which have something common to them. Meanwhile, we also see shots of a typewriter and a haunted villa. It ends with a girl who is horrified to see something as she wakes up.

The official synopsis of the five-episode series reads, “It revolves around a haunted house in Goa and a group of young, wannabe ghost hunters determined to capture the ghost that plagues a notorious home in their neighbourhood. When a new family moves into the haunted home, the crew finds it difficult to balance the demands of school and chores with the renewed urgency to solve the mystery. What follows is the story of how these five kids try to capture the ghost of Bardez Villa, all the while balancing school and staying out of trouble.”

Watch the teaser of Typewriter

Typewriter is shot in Goa and stars actors Paulami Ghosh, Samir Kochar and Purab Kohli in lead roles. Arna Sharma as Sam, Aaryansh Malviya as Nick, Milkail Gandhi as Gablu, and Palash Kamble as Bunty play the ghost hunters.

The series will stream on Netflix from July 19.