WATCH: New tribe in Amazon spotted by drone

javary river valley, amazon, tribe, funai, brazil, peru, indian express, indian express newsjavary river valley, amazon, tribe, funai, brazil, peru, indian express, indian express news A tribe not known to the outside world was discovered with the help of a drone. (Source:

In what was a surprising revelation, a video footage from a drone introduced us to the members of an isolated Amazon tribe that had no known contact with the outside world and were not discovered till the footage was noticed.

The video showed a land with felled trees in the Javary River valley, near Brazil’s border with Peru, and people walking through it. One of them is seen carrying a spear or pole. The images were captured by an expedition by a government agency called Funai. Funai also released photos taken by a team on the ground – photos of canoes made of palm tree trunks and an axe with a stone blade tied to a wooden handle, along with an aerial photo of a thatched hut.

“The region has eight indigenous peoples who are known to have had contacts with the outside world, and at least eleven others without any known contact”, Funai stated.×1.png

The agency’s team travelled more than 110 miles in boats, trucks, motorcycles and about 75 miles on foot, even if the area is difficult to get to by foot.

Accompanied by the police, the team, as Funai stated, caught two groups of outsiders who were hunting without license and also found a landowner and farmers who illegally encroached on a land reserved for the indigenous habitants of the land. Such encroachment and destruction of the rain forest, can affect negatively on the peaceful survival of these communities are are often accompanied by violence.

According to Survival International, Funai is the only government protection agency aiming to protect indigenous people who have little or no contact with the outside world.